About Me


I started out in photo journalism in 2004 and fell in love with food photography during my first cookbook project*. I have a real appreciation for the art of cooking and the skill which goes into creating a wonderful dish. I learnt, through working with a variety of chefs, to respect the kitchen environment and make every effort to shoot swiftly.

I enjoy capturing the atmosphere of the food and scene with good lighting and composition to help my clients showcase their establishments. The cheesy expression rings true, people eat with their eyes first.

The only thing I have photographed almost as much as food is my beloved Pomeranian, Suni. I enjoy swimming, cooking (particularly curries) and raiding the herb garden.

I look forward to hearing from you.

*To the Banqueting House: African Cuisine, an Epic Journey which won in the Best Culinary History category at the 2006 Gourmand World Cook Book Awards in Beijing, China.

The Food Photographer

The Food Photographer